Software Distribution Information

Software Distribution Information for BioEx

BioEx Systems offers many software distribution options for potential resellers. And we welcome all potential software distribution channels, no matter the size of your business. Reselling our software products is easy and can certainly help increase your earnings and profits. Additionally, adding to the current product line you have established helps your own company grow and prosper.

Option 1: Direct Sale. List our products on your website or catalog and when your customer orders you take the purchase, contact us and we ship direct to your customer, either by mail or by download option.

Option 2: Referral sales. List our product on your website or catalog with a link to our products. When the customer comes to our website we track where the order came from and provide you a referral commission once they order. And even if they leave the site and come back later we can track to source, you.

Why BioEx Systems Software Distribution?


BioEx Systems has been a leader in exercise, fitness and nutrition software for over 20 years. If you decide to move forward with software distribution, you have the backing of our solid reputation and quality products.

Second, we provide software for a variety of customer demographics, such as physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers. That means you can pick and choose the products that meet your particular market. Your software distribution model could include any or all of our exercise prescription, fitness assessment or dietitian meal planning software options.

Third, software distribution for BioEx Systems has the advantage of requiring little to no storage space. You have no stock to purchase. This means no money outlay sitting on the shelves waiting to be sold. Stock never goes out of date. And for literally no investment (except for 20-30 minutes of time to create a page on your website) you gain the ability to make more money.

It is easy to set up and requires no money up front. Contact our sales department for more information and begin seeing profits.