personal training billing software

Personal Training Business Software for Trainers

Handle all your scheduling and billing with our personal traineing business software

Save 40% until Oct 13th – Only $89.40

Single computer install: $149.00

Total PT Fitness Office (formerly Management Maker) is an affordable, easy to use Windows personal training business software designed scheduling, attendance tracking, payments, invoicing, and more.


Organize your personal training and improve your efficiency. Schedule can be set up to show all trainer hours and view by day, week or month. Schedule clients for assessment, one on one training or any other appointment type. Schedule group training for aerobics classes.

Tracking attendance, cancels and no shows lets you easily know which clients are starting to potentially drop off. Plus the system will asses cancel or no show fees automatically. with specific trainers. 

personal training business software
personal training business software

Payments and Invoicing

The key component of our personal training business software is the ability to track membership fees, and alert you when those fees are due for renewal.

Create invoices for clients individually or in batches save you time and helps maintain a proper income stream. TPTF Office generate revenue stream reports too.

If you mail invoices, Total PT Fitness Office can create mailing labels too.

"I used to be really bad with keeping up with client payments and sometime forget them entirely. Total PT has helped keep me on top of the business aspects of my personal training."
David Tran
personal trainer

Staff Management

TPTF Office will keep track of staff hours and what staff members are set for what appointments and classes. No more accidental double or overlapping of clients.

personal training business software
personal training business software

Retention and Marketing

Keeping clients is always crucial. Once you have spent marketing costs and time to  get a client you want to keep them. What personal training business software is complete without some type of retention aspect.

TPTF can alert you to high rates client non attendance or no shows. It will generate email or post card follow up contact methods to re-establish better attendance.

Providing information on new specials, classes, and promotions can also help maintain a good client roster. And TPTF Office can do just that with email or mailed notifications. 

"With several trainers, I don't see all our clients, it was tough knowing if certain clients were dropping off, but the auto alert for decreasing attendance has helped a lot."
Chuck Bell
Tangent Personal Training

Not just a personal trainer software

While Total PT Fitness Office is designed for personal trainers, it is also an excellent resource for athletic coaches, corporate wellness centers, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. In addition, Total PT Fitness Office links and shares information with our TPTF Assessment program.

Standard Features Include:

Save 40% until Oct 10th – Only $89.40

Single computer install: $149.00

We offer discounts to members of professional organizations

If you are a member of ACE, NASM, ACSM, IDEA, NFPT, ISSA, IFPA, NAFC, NESTA or MFT you are eligible for additional discounts. Contact us for more information and a quote.

TPTF Office Software Technical and Licensing Information


TPTF Office is licensed as a single computer install and single trainer and comes with several office log in for no trainers. It can be licensed for multiple computers and multiple trainers. Licensing is a one time fee. There are no refunds on software. We offer a free trial to ensure the software will meet your needs prior to purchasing.

Technical Specs

TPTF Office is made for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Surface Pro. It may be possible to use on a Mac with additional windows emulator software.

Recommended Products

If you want a web based version, consider our cloud version of Total PT Fitness.