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Personal Trainer Nutrition Software for Meal Planning

Provide meal plans for your clients with our comprehensive personal trainer nutrition software.

Save 40% now! only $89.40. Offer expires Oct. 13th 2018

Single computer install: $149.00

Total PT Fitness Nutrition(formerly Nutrition Maker) is an affordable, easy to use Windows personal trainer nutrition software designed to help you create and provide nutrition consults and meal plans.

Add Nutrition to Your Services

Nutrition consults can be a great source of new revenue and a great addition to any personal trainers services. And TPTF Nutrition can help make it easy. Our personal trainer nutrition software can tell you how many calories your client needs, provide meal plans, complete with recipes and shopping lists.

Additionally TPTF Nutrition stores client demographics such as client photos, contact information, email phone numbers etc. Keeping client data in one easy to access location improves your efficiency, giving you time to spend on your personal training duties.

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personal trainer nutrition software

Easy Calorie Determination

Meal planning  is simple and fast using our automatic calorie assessment tool which automatically determines the amount of calories your client needs to achieve their weight goals using your choice of four BMR equations.

Based on client age, gender, activity level, current weight and target weight you will know exactly how many calories a day they need. 

"Customer service is outstanding. And I find the meal plan area to be very easy to use"
Lori Sanson
personal trainer and nutritionist

RD Designed Meal Plans

Provide meal plans (purchased extra) created by Registered Dietitians in a variety of different areas like Mature Adult, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian and more. All meal plans come with recipes and shopping lists so it is easy for and easy for your client to attain a healthy eating lifestyle. See our list of RD created personal trainer meal plans.

Alternatively, you can create your own meal plans and recipes by copying ours and using them as starting points to create new plans. Or by using our extensive food database of over 25,000 foods, including many common grocer brands and restaurant  selections. And our databases include not only the USDA, but Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Once you create a meal plan the software will automatically create shopping lists.

personal trainer nutrition software
personal trainer nutrition software

Healthy Recipes

No personal trainer nutrition software is complete without having recipes to create healthy, tasty and enjoyable breakfasts, lunches, entrees, snacks and deserts. Each recipe is easy to follow so your client can prepare the meal plans you provide. And of course every meal plan will provide your client with a complete shopping list, so they can easily have all the ingredients on hand to create their healthy meals.

The end result is our pre-made recipes make your job easier while helping them achieve their nutrition goals.

Diet Analysis

Ever wonder if your client is getting enough of the right nutrients and vitamins? Ever wonder how to figure that out? It’s impossible to look at a person and know they aren’t getting enough vitamin A or E, or if they are low on potassium.

We can help. Simply instruct your clients to keep a food diary for 3-5 days. You enter that information in the diet analysis section and the resulting report provides Carb/Fat/Protein percentages and a list of any nutrient deficiencies. Diet analysis can provide an additional source of revenue or be included in your basic services.

It doesn’t stop there; the system will even give you a list of foods that contain the nutrients your client needs, and will provide a report that shows excesses (fat, sodium and cholesterol are the usual culprits).

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"I like the way it calculates calories and all the macronutrients for you. It's easy to add your own custom foods. And it has a good variety of meal plans to choose from."
Jackson Trimble
Life coach
personal training nutrition software

Questionaires and Handouts

Questionnaires include health risk assessments, diet preferences, lifestyle surveys and more. Also included are informational handouts such as nutrition guidelines, fiber sources, stress management etc.

Providing informational resources is a great way to keep clients involved in their healthcare as well as educating them properly. You have the ability to print or email the reports.


Goal Tracking

TPTF Nutrition has a complete set of nutritional goals to help you and your client to achieve the results they want. Provide measurable and realistic goals for weight loss and other related items.

The software will track current weight, and target weight goals. We make is simple to save you time and effort.

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Versatility Too!

We know each personal trainer has unique needs. That’s why our personal trainer nutrition software system has the ability to let you expand it and tailor it to your needs with these additional features:

  • Randomize meal plans days.
  • Add your own foods.
  • Add your own recipes.
  • Add information handouts.

Not just a personal trainer nutrition software

Total PT Fitness Nutrition is designed for personal trainers, but it is an excellent resource for athletic coaches, corporate wellness centers, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. 

Standard Features Include:

Save 40% now! only $89.40. Offer expires Oct. 13th 2018

Single computer install: $149.00

We offer discounts to members of professional organizations

If you are a member of ACE, NASM, ACSM, IDEA, NFPT, ISSA, IFPA, NAFC, NESTA or MFT you are eligible for additional discounts. Contact us for more information and a quote.

TPTF Nutrition Software Technical and Licensing Information


TPTF Nutrition is a one time fee. It is licensed as a single computer install and a single trainer. It can be licensed to have multiple trainers or set up on multiple computers on a network for small additional licensing fee. There is no limit to the number of clients entered in the software. There are no refunds on software. We offer a free trial to ensure the software will meet your needs prior to purchasing.

Technical Specs

TPTF Nutrition is made for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Surface Pro. It may be possible to use on a Mac with additional windows emulator software, but we advise Mac users to consider our cloud version, Total PT Fitness Online. or Nutrition Maker Online

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