Total PT Fitness Exercise Modules

These Total PT Fitness Exercise extra content modules help expand the content of your software. Save money - buy only what you need. You must own the Total PT Fitness Exercise Base Program in order to purchase an exercise module. (These modules will also work for the older Exercise Expert software.)

  • Functional Leg Module ($44.95)

    Functional Leg Module ($44.95)

    Contains 101 exercises to help improve function, balance, and coordination. Primarily focuses on closed chain activity in all planes of movement and involves the entire body. Empahsis is on jumping, hopping, and lunging drills for enhanced core strengthening.

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  • Functional Reach Module ($44.95)

    Functional Reach Module ($44.95)

    Contains 162 exercises to facilitate improved function, balance and coordination. These exercises are primarily closed chain but add emphasis on the arms and upper body in all planes of motion while still training the entire body. These exercises provide core strengthening while adding balance challenges.

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  • Power/Agility 2 Module ($44.95)

    Power/Agility 2 Module ($44.95)

    Contains 127 exercises using TRX and BOSU to assist in training higher level clients. This module is an excellent companion to our basic Power/Agility module.

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  • Golf Module ($44.95)

    Golf Module ($44.95)

    Contains 149 golf-related exercises designed to help condition, strengthen, improve coordination, and enhance golfing performance. This module is a great resource for those working with golf enthusiasts, either healthy or recovering from injury.

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  • Total Gym Module ($44.95)

    Total Gym Module ($44.95)

    Contains 125 Total Gym exercises for training the upper and lower body as well as core strength. This module is excellent for facilities using this piece of equipment or for the client who has a home version.

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