Five Tips for Improving Balance

It is common to hear people say they were born a klutz and have terrible balance; the truth is that with proper training, improving balance can be achieved in almost anyone. After all, no one is born with the ability to stand on one leg, ride a bicycle or glide across the ice on skates. It was learned from practice
What is balance exactly? Balance is defined as the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling (Merriam Webster dictionary).

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Sports therapy exercise software

Five easy ways for physical therapists to improve home exercise programs and patient compliance

Getting a patient to perform their home exercise program consistently has always been a concern of a physical therapist. As a health professional we know how crucial the home program can be. With a finite amount of directed and supervised exercise time in the clinic only so much progression can occur. It just makes sense that therapeutic intervention outside the clinic can make a significant difference. And so the big question has always been “What can a physical therapist do to ensure the best possible adherence and follow through of a home program by the patient?” Following are five key guidelines that can be done to improve compliance.

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personal trainer software

3 Ways to increase personal trainer referrals from physical therapy clinics

When most people think of personal trainers, one of the first things that come to mind is high level fitness training and weight lifting. However there is a large market for personal trainers in the post rehab market, working with regular everyday people and clients that have just finished their physical therapy rehabilitation.
Quite often many people’s physical therapy benefits just don’t permit them to stay with physical therapy treatments long enough to become fully rehabilitated.

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personal trainer referrals

Three crucial personal trainer tools to increase business

Personal training can be a tough business to stand out in for many reasons. In every city and community there are typically a large amount of personal trainers per capita. There are many reasons for this which could be a whole blog in itself, and may be in the future. Regardless of why, one needs only do a search on the internet or in the local phone book for personal trainers to see it is true. As a personal trainer,

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exercise software emr integration

Exercise Prescription and Electronic Documentation Integration in One Simple Step.

BioEx Systems produces the most popular online home exercise system on the market. Exercise Pro Live will create a chart copy for the clinician to store in the patient record in order to ensure proper documentation of the treatment.
Documentation is a crucial component of health care. Electronic medical record documentation systems (EMR) are not a new concept. In the early years EMR systems were expensive, bulky and often difficult to use. Over the years, technology has continued to advance and evolve.

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online exercise software

Exercise Prescription Software, Online or Desktop – Which is best for me?

Whether you are a physical therapist, a physician, athletic trainer, wellness coach or personal trainer, there comes a time when it is obvious that in order to do a proper job, an exercise software system for home exercises or fitness programs is needed. There are many choices available, either for desktop computers or as a cloud based platform. So which one is best for you?
The first step is to making the process easier is to decide which way to go,

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